Any industry, any application.

Auhan offers fastener and component solutions to meet your requirements.

At Auhan we pride ourselves on the quality of the materials and workmanship of all of our products. This ensures the strength and reliability of each and every batch of Auhan product exceeds the high standards expected by our customers.

The Instron Satec 600DX Universal Testing Machine is capable of exerting tensile loads up to 60 tonnes. Externally threaded fasteners (such as bolts and setscrews) are destructively tested to ensure the minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength is achieved. Internally threaded fasteners (such as hex nuts) are required to sustain a minimum Proof Load force for a specified period of time.

The Rockwell hardness tester applies a specified load through a diamond-tipped or hard metal indenter, in order to measure the Rockwell hardness of metallic materials. Typically, Rockwell Hardness Grade C (HRC)or Rockwell Hardness Grade B (HRB) are measured for steel fasteners.

The Vickers hardness tester applies a standard load for a standard length of time by means of a pyramid shaped diamond. The diagonal of the resulting indention is measured under a microscope to determine the Vickers Hardness value. For fasteners, Vickers Hardness is usually nominated as the referee method in the event of a discrepancy between different hardness measures.

Finally, the Magmaster Magnetic Particle Tester applies magnetic fields to ferromagnetic material to detect cracks, laps, seams, inclusions and other discontinuities on or near the surface.

Additionally all Auhan products are RoHS compliant with no hexavalent chromium used. For quality, reliability and peace of mind you can depend on Auhan fasteners and components.


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