Any industry, any application.

Auhan offers fastener and component solutions to meet your requirements.

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Are you looking for a more cost effective way to package your kits?

Auhan can now provide fully customised packaging solutions; including:

  • Supply of custom packed and labelled fasteners and components
  • Products including all types of screws, rivets, socket head cap screws, flange bolts and nuts, concrete anchors, split pins, stainless steel fasteners, brackets, U-bolts; in fact virtually anything!
  • Packaging options include utility cases, clam shells, blister packs, hang packs, small boxes, etc.
  • Limitless combinations!

All packing and kitting is carried out in-house by Auhan using state of the art equipment; ensuring high accuracy and superior presentation, all far cheaper than the real cost of doing it yourself.


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